Yoga Bound Opening Ceremony

Yoga Bound CarlsbadWitness Yoga Bound’s Ribbon Cutting ceremony on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 located at 3043 Harding St. Carlsbad, CA 92008 from 9:00 am onwards.

Yoga Bound is a Vinsaya Yoga and Yoga Therapy Studio situated in Carlsbad Village. They intend to make guests feel like they are at home. They also aim to ensure that their classes are accessible to everyone.

Yoga Bound’s website defines Vinsaya Yoga as “a transformational, fluid moving Yoga practice that builds strength, flexibility and balance in both the mind and body” and Yoga Therapy as “depthful classes that allow you to soften into the body, relieve discomfort, build strength and create elasticity and lightness where there was tension and density.” Thus, the main goal of this studio is to help individuals have good physical and mental health by relieving them from stress.

To start the year, Yoga Bound has different offers that will help guests save. To know more about these offers and other information about Yoga Bound, you may call 760.720.YOGA (9642) or send an email to For other details, visit or Yoga Bound’s website HERE.

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