Unleash Your Creativity Presented by Develop Your Team

Stop going through the same problem again and again. Develop Your Team is here to bring out the best in you! Register now and be engaged in this dynamic and interactive workshop.

In this hands-on problem-solving workshop you will learn and practice techniques for generating innovative and forward-thinking alternatives that can be applied to real-world issues.  These methods are applicable for: solving a problem, planning, making decisions, creating new products or processes, and more!

Learn how to:

  • Identify and address underlying root causes, not just surface-level symptoms
  • Generate many possible innovative solutions
  • Apply at least four different ideation techniques in problem-solving activities
  • Practice generating ideas individually and as part of a group
  • Evaluate alternatives to select the best option
  • Plan how the ideas generated in activities can be applied in real-world settings

For additional info, visit http://www.carlsbad.org/event/unleash-creativity-presented-develop-team/

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