Torreys Basketball Varsity vs Pacific Ridge

La Jolla Country Day School LogoThe La Jolla Country Day School is proud to announce that their men’s basketball team called the Torreys Basketball will be facing the Pacific Ridge Team on Saturday, November 24, 2012. The time for the event will be announced before the game. The event will be of scrimmage type.

The Torreys Basketball Varsity has the mission of developing the skills and athletic abilities of its players while giving them the chance to build their own attitude towards the game and in life. They will be taught about roles and responsibilities in the context of working with a team. They will also be taught the values of hard work, discipline, loyalty, and determination.

This varsity is part of the La Jolla Country day schools aim of providing a rigorous academic program, a nurturing environment, a multi-layered global engagement, and a commitment to good character to its students.

For more information, please visit their website at

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