Sumi-e Painting Workshop

Carlsbad Senior Center Area MapLearn the ancient art of ink wash painting at the Sumi-e Workshops happening on August 7, 2013 at the Senior Center Multi-purpose Room from 9:30 to 11:30 in the morning.

This event is open to seniors ages 50 and above. Participants will learn specialized painting techniques and will use rice paper, sumie ink, ink stone, and brushes to create their pieces.

Ink wash painting was developed in China during the Tang Dynasty (618–907). Wang Wei is generally credited as the painter who applied color to existing ink wash paintings. The art was further developed into a more polished style during the Song Dynasty (960–1279). It was introduced to Korea shortly after China’s discovery of the ink.

The workshop is open to artists of all skill levels. It will be taught by Kiyoko Messenger.

Materials will not be provided but a short list will be handed out on the first day of the session.

Admission to the classes is priced at $50 for residents and $60 for non-residents. Walk-in participants will have to pay $10. To register, please visit

For inquiries, please call 760-602-4650.


Don’t miss the Sumie Painting Workshop.

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