SD Whale Watching

San Diego Whale Watching Area MapEach year, San Diego becomes the home for Gray Whales and other magnificent species of marine wildlife and everyone is welcome to grab the rare opportunity to see them up close this December 2012 on your very own whale watching charter.

San Diego offers various tours all year round and one of the most popular is the whale watching boat tours on private luxury yachts with all the comforts and extravagance boasted by the city available at reasonable prices. One of the regents of the sea most sought-after by the tourists is the Californian Gray Whale which, although may only be comparatively average in size to other whale species, is the first to be protected and a famous success story of survival after being hunted almost to the point of extinction.

Aside from the Gray Whale, San Diego waters also serve as temporary home to Orca (Killer Whales) and Blue Whales. Watch out for “blows” and “spouts” that reach up to 15 feet tall, whale flukes that come up to 12 feet and sometimes, if you’re lucky, a beautiful Gray Whale may just hurl itself out of the water and display a whale breach.

The price of the private whale watching charter varies with the size of the tour group. For more information on Whale Watching Charters, visit this LINK.


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