Oceanside Used Oil Filter Exchange

Green OceansideThe City of Oceanside is inviting everyone to help keep waterways and oceans free from pollution though the Free Used Oil Filter Exchange Event happening on Sunday, April 28, 2013 at the O’Reilly Auto Parts Store located at 3661 W. Mission Avenue between 10:00 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon.

Participants will not only be able to recycle their used oil filters but they will also be able to receive up to two new ones of their choice. This event will also let residents to help in recovering up to 160,000 tons of steel each year—enough to construct up to sixteen more Petco Stadiums.

This event is part of the Oceanside’s Green Week 2013—a community activity that teaches residents how they and their families can become better guardians of the planet.

For inquiries about the event, please contact Colleen Foster at 760-435-5021. For more information about the Green Week celebration, please visit the event website.


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