Michelle Montjoy: River

River is the reimagining of traditional techniques and attitudes of knitting into a contemporary role that connects communities through comfort, inspiration and empowerment. Release the inner artist in you! Join Michelle Montjoy and attend a number of free workshops and programs on March 25, 2017 until June 18, 2017.

Using large table top looms or finger crocheting forms, the community will be invited to contribute to a visual conversation by knitting or crocheting, braiding or knotting a form using old t-shirts.  The resulting unusual abstract piece of art will be installed as an exhibit and will embrace the connection, fluidity, and vitality of the many hands of the community involved.

The multiplicity of those hands’ work becomes a conversation. Not nostalgic or sentimental, the artwork is a translation of domestic form to cultural object. It’s a retro-revolutionary approach to engagement and art making.

“Employing absurdity, obsessiveness, and abnormal juxtapositions, my work observes suburban tropes, personal failings, and political paradoxes,” describes Montjoy of her work.

A number of free workshops and programs will happen throughout the year in conjunction with this exhibition, which opens March 25, 2017 and closes after June 18, 2017 For more information visit http://oma-online.org/river/

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