Meet Dr. Kelly Taylor

Meet Dr. TaylorDr. Kelly Taylor, Carlsbad Village Orthodontist, loves bettering people’s lives and giving them confidence through orthodontics. She believes that the benefits of orthodontic treatment can truly be life changing. For her, the most rewarding part of being an orthodontist is the difference that she can make as well as the fun, family environment of the office. (Bet you didn’t know we have mini dance parties at work!)

Dr. Taylor grew up right here in Carlsbad, California. She says she’s the only person she knows who grew up in a military family that never moved. Her father was in the Marine Corps, and although he’d be deployed or stationed abroad, Dr. Taylor continued to stay in Carlsbad with her mother and sisters. She says that after growing up in such a great community, there’s no way that she could have moved somewhere else as an adult! She credits the sun, beach, and easy-going people for making this area so wonderful. Not to mention the fact that her family is here.

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Speaking of family, Dr. Taylor actually met her husband here and they were high school sweethearts! They have three busy and active kids (aged 12, 7, 3), and a super friendly dog, named Wrigley. In her free time, Dr. Taylor says that life is all about the kiddos and family. Weekends have them running from one sports game to another, with the littlest one tagging along to watch. She says that if Covid taught her anything, it’s not to take our everyday lives for granted. She loves the busy, crazy weekends that come from being a mom.

We asked Dr. Taylor three get-to-know-you questions that might be a little out of the box so you can get an even better idea of who she is.

Who inspires you?

Altruistic people.  I am inspired by neighbors, friends and community members who are always there helping others. The people who are always the first to organize volunteer projects or pick-me-ups for those in need are the one I truly admire.

If you weren’t an orthodontist, what would you be?

Ohhh, that’s a hard one! Mostly because being an orthodontist is my dream job.  Maybe an architect? It’s a balance of math and art.

Tell us three random things about yourself!

I love ribbon and wrapping paper.

In high school, I was an exchange student in Yokohama, Japan.

I’ve never tried coffee… even with the long hours of studying in dental school!

We hope that this has given you a glimpse into Dr. Kelly Taylor – orthodontist extraordinaire! To get to know her even better, schedule an appointment today. We make it a point to get to know all of our patients and love when we can share a bit of our lives as well!

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