Join Us for “The Promised Land: Adventures In The Middle East”

City of Carlsbad CaliforniaThe Middle East is a land of hospitality, a place where people make strangers feel at home. At the same time, it’s also been witness to acts of unspeakable brutality between warring tribes throughout history. It’s a world of paradoxes, one that is explored in director Rick Ray’s new film “The Promised Land: Adventures In the Middle East.”

“The Promised Land” represents a travel documentary through several Middle Eastern countries such as Israel, Jordan and Turkey, and it showcases the wonders of those lands while discussing their rich histories and cultures.

“The Promised Land: Adventures In The Middle East” will be screened for free on Saturday, September 26 at Carlsbad City Library. The screening begins at 1:30 PM, and the library is located 1775 Dover Lane in Carlsbad, California. Director Rick Ray will present the film and host pre- and post-show discussions.

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