Bike Travel Weekend

Want to spice up your weekend? Then Bike Travel Weekend is the perfect event for you! Join thousands of people to go on  weekend bike trip to a campground or hotel on June 2, 2018. Enjoy biking through the beautiful trails and landscapes of Oceanside. We’ll make sure your weekend will be a memorable one!

Treat yourself and go on a bike overnight with family and friends, by yourself, or with a big group, on the same weekend as thousands of others throughout the world—Bike Travel Weekend, June 1 – 3, 2018. Bike Travel Weekend can be a low-cost bikepacking trip in the woods, a family-friendly adventure on paved bike paths to a developed campground, or a pampered weekend at a fancy hotel. Make it an adventure that works for you.

Registration is free and everyone who registers by May 27 will be entered to win a Co-Motion Cycles Divide bike and Amtrak tickets to Glacier National Park and will receive a Bike Travel Weekend sticker in the mail.

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