88th Annual Labor Day Pier Swim

Swim your worries away and lend a hand to raise money for the Oceanside Swimming Club. Celebrate with athletes all around California, be part of 88th Annual Labor Day Pier Swim on September 4, 2017 at the Oceanside Pier. The entry fee is $60 and includes refreshments, electronic timing, swim cap, and t-shirt (if available).

Minimum age for participation is 12 years. Minors must have parental consent. A parent or guardian must sign the entry form.  OSC reserves the right to reject any entry. A medical examination prior to competing in this event is strongly recommended.

For safety reasons, participants should be adequately trained for open water competition. Each swimmer must wear the provided swim cap on their head during the duration of the swim.

Swimmers need to be aware of water temperature and surf conditions. Since the safety of swimmers is of prime concern, the swimming event may be delayed or canceled due to bad conditions.

For more information, please visit: http://labordaypierswim.com/about.html

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