17th Annual Dia De Los Muertos Festival

Come and party with us as we celebrate the 17th year of Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead Festival in Oceanside. Drop by at Mission San Luis Rey on October 29, 2017 and end fill your day with fun and exciting activities. This free public festival will be more vibrant and exciting than ever before.

Since the early 1800’s the Mission San Luis Rey has served this community and the ancestry that resided here. ?Over 200 years later, the Mission still serves our community with events like Dia De Los Muertos

Like a majestic castle sitting at the center of the San Luis Rey Valley, the Mission delivers an air of reverence as you walk its grounds during the Dia De Los Muertos event .

From its towering white walls, to its far reaching corners and the occasional glimpse of a Padre in their traditional brown robes moving to and fro, you can’t help but be in awe.

Check https://www.mslrdiadelosmuertos.com/ for more information.

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